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7 Ask a Librarian

This Library Basics workbook has focused on the broad mechanics of using the library to find:

  • print books
  • ebooks
  • peer-reviewed journal articles
  • research databases
  • and creating citations too

How you use these resources is up to you. Librarians are available to assist you along the way.


Learning Objectives

  • Know that librarians are available to support and guide you into and through the research process.
  • Know how to contact a librarian for assistance.


Take a look at some of the easy contact options listed on the library website:


Librarians can help you interpret assignments, broaden or narrow research topics, formulate keywords, find books, articles, movies, data, and other sources of information on all topics. Therefore, we conclude this library basics exercise by asking you to make an appointment with a librarian the next time you need a hand with one of your research assignments, or just finding a book in the library.

You can contact a librarian in any of the following ways:

  • Visit the library reference desk in person during normal business hours
  • Email the library reference desk anytime:
  • Call on the phone: (860) 439-2655
  • Send a text message: (860) 787-5001
  • Schedule a research meeting by completing the Schedule a Research Consultation form on the library website
  • Look for Shain Library on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

We look forward to working with you!


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