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4 Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in OneSearch

Peer-reviewed journal articles are written by experts and reviewed by other experts before they can be published in academic or scholarly journals. They are one of the main ways in which specialists communicate with each other about their research.


A picture of several scholarly journals.


Whenever you’re doing research on a topic, it’s a good idea to look into the related scholarly conversation that is likely already taking place in peer-reviewed journals. This can be done easily enough in our library catalog OneSearch.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the research value of peer-reviewed literature.
  • Know how to use OneSearch to find peer-reviewed scholarly articles.
  • Recognize your ability to access the scholarly conversation taking place in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Be aware of the existence and usefulness of advanced search techniques.


Limit Your Search to Peer-reviewed Journals

Try a keyword search in OneSearch for the term “immigration” without quotes and answer the following questions.

Keep the library catalog open on another tab for this exercise.



Use Advanced Search for a Little More Control

Let’s look for articles by the Connecticut College Professor, Julie Rivkin.

Go ahead and type “Julie Rivkin” with quotes into OneSearch and answer the next few questions.




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