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3 Find Ebooks in OneSearch

Ebooks are listed in OneSearch, the library catalog, and can be accessed from the library homepage,

Academic ebooks make it possible to leverage the quality and depth of inquiry found in academic print books without physically going into the library. They are often best read in parts (not necessarily the whole book) on the computer. Sometimes depending on the licenses you can download a portion of the book as a PDF, usually around 60 pages.


Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the difference between print books and ebooks.

2. Know how to use OneSearch to find and access hundreds of thousands of academic ebooks.

3. Know how to evaluate ebook records to gauge for relevance.

Finding Ebooks, 51 seconds


Limit Your Search to Ebooks

There is one main way to limit a search in OneSearch to the ebook collection:

Use the facets at left, as demonstrated in the video, to limit your search results to:

Material Type: Books – Electronic

Picture of the ebook limiter in OneSearch.

Try a keyword search in OneSearch for the keyword “rivers” without quotes and answer the following questions.

Keep the library website open on another tab for this exercise.


Accessing Ebooks

Now that you know how to limit your search results to ebooks, let’s take a look at how to access them.

When you open an ebook record, under the heading View It,  you can see the name of the platform that provides us with access to the ebook. Click on the hyperlinked name of the ebook platform for access.

Other points of interest on the ebook record are indicated in the graphic below and will be considered further in the next section.



For the following exercise, remember to type Ctrl/Command+ or – on your keyboard to make the images larger or smaller.


Evaluating Ebook Records

Scroll down on an ebook record to see if there are Subject Headings that describe what the book is about, and scroll down a little further to see if there is a Table of Contents note.

The table of contents can often help you decide if a book is relevant.

For this exercise, let’s stick with the ebook record pictured above, A People’s History of the U.S. Military. You will need to find this title in the catalog, so here’s another link to OneSearch.

(Hint: Remember that you can use quotes around an exact match phrase search. Another tip is that while you are typing the book’s title into the search box, you can use the drop-down menu that appears and limit to ConnColl Books and Media) 😉


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