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5 Find and Use Library Databases

Most, if not all, academic libraries prominently display a link to their databases on the front of their websites, because beyond the library catalog, databases are one of the library’s most useful research tools.

Use the link to the databases on the library website because it prompts users to login with their college credentials when off campus. You can browse the list of databases by Subject, Type, or alphabetically.



Learning Objectives

  • Know how to navigate to the library databases on the library website.
  • Recognize that there are different databases for different subjects (e.g. Economics, Psychology, etc.), and various kinds of databases for different types of resources (e.g. data & statistics, ebooks, newspapers, etc.).



Finding the Databases

Once you select the databases link, you will see there are nearly 200 different databases to choose from. While you are encouraged to explore them over time, if you’re not sure where to start, you should try the General list of databases under All Subjects.

Go ahead and select the General list of databases under All Subjects for the following questions.

Be careful when changing the Subject or Type of database to refresh the list completely by clicking on All Subjects or All Database Types at the top of the list first, before making another selection.

Using the Databases

Because each database can be a different platform offering access to totally different kinds of collections (academic journals, books, data, newspapers, etc.), we limit our engagement here primarily to finding and accessing the databases in general.

Please keep the list of databases open on another tab of your web browser for the following questions.

For a little bit of extra fun, let’s try an exercise using one of our historical newspaper databases.

Please reset your database selection on the list of databases by setting the drop-down menus to All Subjects and All Database Types.

  • Under All Database Types, select Newspapers.
  • Scroll down the list and select the Historical Newspapers database.
  • Do a keyword search for “Connecticut College” in quotes.
  • Finally, scroll down the left-hand panel and open the Publication Date facet.

Got it? Now try to answer this question:



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