Dean of the Faculty’s Welcome

Danielle Egan, Dean of the Faculty
Danielle Egan, Dean of the Faculty and Fuller-Maathai Professor of Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies

Welcome to Connecticut College! I am very much looking forward to seeing how your energy, research, histories, experiences, artistic practice, and pedagogical creativity shape our classrooms and community. You are joining a community where close to 30% of your faculty colleagues began their careers at Conn since 2017. The mix of longstanding and new faculty perspectives on Connecticut College and its culture help us take stock and grow in new and powerful ways. You, and the colleagues in your cohort, will undoubtedly help us see and think about our college and this division in new ways. I believe this is wonderful and deeply important. To this end, bring your fresh perspective…do not get socialized too quickly. I am very interested in listening to your thoughts about what you see–in particular about what you see is working and what could be better. Community is an intentional practice, and one which holds great meaning for me. I look forward to learning with you and doing all I can to support your research, teaching, and service as well as work to continue to create a community within which you feel respected, valued, and part of its vitality and possibility.




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