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Professor Ariella Rotramel at Connecticut College has created this OER in conjuction with their Sex/Work course.  Sex/Work students contribute specific elements of the text as well as provide feedback. Currently, the interviews sections was created by students. All other elements (glossary, resources) were written by Professor Rotramel. This OER has been created with support from Connecticut College’s Digital Scholarship Fellows program along with the State of Connecticut’s Open Educational Resources Grant Program. Thank you to John Meade, Jr. for his support and mentoring of students as well as referrals to the OER reader’s sex worker advocates that were interviewed in fall 2023. And thank you to each sex worker advocate for generously sharing her insights into this work with our class.


This book is intended for a range of readers from folks in classes focused on sex work to sex workers themselves and the general adult public.

Content Warning

This text features discussions about a range of challenging topics related to violence and abuse. You are encouraged to consider what topics can be difficult for you to engage with and what supports may be useful to support your coping. As relevant, there are materials and discussions that refer explicitly to sex, substance use, and related themes.

Support Resources

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673)

National Sexual Assault Hotline Chat:

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

Consider reaching out to support resources in your local community, school, or workplace as well.

Organizational Approach

Key terms are included in this book’s glossary. The glossary information is also available within the text and appears when you float over or click the term.




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