Open Pedagogy

1 Making Open Books with Students

Open pedagogy is the process of involving students in the creation, adaptation, and/or dissemination of openly licensed content.

Four Factors of Open Pedagogy:

  1. Openness in all elements of the teaching process and instructional practices such as open and transparent course design and development (learner-centered teaching)
  2. Student work is public and assignments benefit others beyond the limited course time and space (digital scholarship)
  3. Learners contribute novel ideas and original research to pressing contemporary problems (critical pedagogy)
  4. Students create, revise, or remix open educational resources (OER)

There are many ways to use open pedagogical practices in your courses.  One approach involves your students choosing or creating content and assessments.  Other approaches involve inviting students to help build course resources or create new resources on course topics.  

Pressbooks is a great way to invite your students to be co-creators of knowledge.  Below is a list of resources and assignment ideas you can use to learn more about open pedagogy and explore how Pressbooks can be used with open pedagogical practices.



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