Adopting & Creating OER

7 Create, Adapt, Revise, Remix

The power of an open educational resource is the freedom you have to create, remix, and adapt it to your needs. You can create an OER from scratch or revise and remix existing OER. If choosing an existing OER to adapt, ensure the attached open license allows for revision. Look for a CC-BY, CC-BY-SA or CC-BY-NC license.

Most open licenses encourage instructors to modify open educational resources to tailor them to their classes, students, and specific pedagogical needs.

Connecticut College subscribes to Pressbooks, an open book platform that allows you to write a book using the software or import a manuscript, choose a book design theme, and export into all the file formats you need to publish your book:

  • MOBI format (for Kindle ebooks)
  • EPUB format (for all other ebookstores)
  • designed PDF (for print-on-demand)
  • XML formats

For a Pressbooks account, contact


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